Non-Traditional Services

Business Valuation

The need for business valuations are on the rise. We have performed valuations for many reasons including:

* Buy/sell agreement

* Estate Taxation

* Divorce

* Succession Planning

* Insurance

Our reports have been reviewed by the IRS and various courts. Whatever your purpose, we will value your business and provide you with a report you can count on.

Litigation Support

We work with attorneys regularly. We can be engaged by your attorney to assist in the preparation of documents. We can help identify hidden assets and income producing vehicles with your attorney we can make sure you are properly represented and have all your bases covered.


Where is the extra income coming from?

Where did all the money go?

The business was doing great last year, what happened?

Our professionals will help you find the answers to those questions. We are trained to uncover assets and determine the flow of cash and income. Our assistance is vital. We are your resource to discovering what really happened.

Expert Witness

We will provide expert witness testimony on your behalf. We are qualified to testify on accounting and auditing items, tax compliance, internal control, to name a few. Our professionals continue to develop their knowledge base and increase their ability to represent to the court facts and understanding of relationships in an accountants and business consultants world.


The strain of bankruptcy is an ordeal we wish no person or business would have to go through. However, it is a fact that they do occur. As your advisor, we can assist you and guide you through the process. Working withyou, your attorney and the bankruptcy trustee, we will help you maintain positive cash flow. Let us help you make this as painless as possible.


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